Top 10 Most Popular CMS Platforms for Website Development

Top 10 Most Popular CMS Platforms for Website Development

Do you want to launch your website but hardly have any specific knowledge about coding? Don’t worry; CMS platforms are backing you up with the whole website development process.

Get a fully customized website with the help of pre-built templates and extensions. You will also get additional storage and web page creation functionality.

More than 64 million websites are using CMS. However, choosing the right one requires detailed research and multiple functionalities. Every content management platform offers or targets a specific market.

So, here are the top 10 popular CMS platforms for website development.

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10 Best CMS Platforms for Web

In this journey, you will find some amazing features of the CMS platform and how they are contributing to the website development process.

1. WordPress

We all know and hear this name whenever we want to build or develop a website: WordPress. This open-source software is easy to use, with flexibility and scalability options. It facilitates more than 50,000 plugins to create a multi-functional website.

The cost and budget are affordable, and extensive customization can be done with the free templates too. For developers to accomplish high-value product development, it is imperative that they avoid using Nulled WordPress themes & plugins, which are now quite popular among developers.  From simple blog management to a complex site, everything can be churned out with WordPress. The features that make it different from others are

  • Media management
  • Built-in comments
  • User Management


2. HubSpot

If you are a true marketer, then you have heard of and been a part of the most disruptive community—HubSpot. You can get all sorts of marketing automation, sales, service, and operational tools in HubSpot CRM.

Make your business different with HubSpot and manage all your data under one roof. Here are a few reasons that make it a versatile solution:

  • If you do not have any technical skills or expertise, the HubSpot CRM platform is here for you. Get drag-and-drop functionality with built-in SEO tools to stand out.
  • Customize your web pages as per your visitors and give a personalized touch to every section.
  • Integrate it anywhere with emails and sales CRM and build a flash-type flow among the information.
  • Get a CDN and Web Application firewall with a dedicated security team – make your site safe and secure from hackers and DDoS attacks.


3. Joomla

Want to host a website but don’t know where to start? Or don't you have funds to pay for a developer? Jhoomla backed you up. Just get your hosting and domain name and start your journey with the most amazing CMS platform of all time.

Get complete flexibility with Joomla. Easily edit your content without getting any additional support from the developer.

Around 2% of websites are already running on Joomla. Another special feature of Joomla is 2-factor authentication to avoid break-ins! Here is something more from Jhoomla:

  • Make your advertising outstanding on Joomla with a banner management tool.
  • Bring an advanced search option.
  • Host your website in more than 70 languages.


4. WooCommerce

One of the leading CMS platforms of the time is WooCommerce; it is easy, simple, and flexible to use. It runs on WordPress and is free software, but you need to pay for the domain and hosting.

Get unlimited WooCommerce themes and make your site exactly what you want. Add extra functionality with plugins.

Plus, start managing your inventory with WooCommerce and track your stock. To make your website an outstanding one, extra plugins and extensions should be opted for.  


5. Drupal

Its adaptable API architecture, intended for experts in web development, is compatible with various digital platforms. Drupal optimizes its built-in features for greater security and performance when compared to WordPress and Joomla.

It's also important to note that Drupal websites receive more traffic than those powered by competing CMS systems.

What makes Drupal different from others? Here are the key uses of Drupal:

  • Less susceptible to security risks because regular security tests are carried out by the CMS software.
  • Built-in modules contribute to a website's increased capability.

You can also set up marketing automation, get support from 100+ language translations, and make sure personalization touches every user.


6. Wix

Wix is a well-liked content management system. It is user-friendly for beginners and could be something to think about. It also provides a free plan.

  • With Wix's drag-and-drop interface, creating pages that appear exactly how you want them to is quite simple. Any area of your website can be selected to begin altering.
  • Wix has a large selection of pre-made templates for you to pick from. These appear fantastic on PCs and mobile devices since they are responsive.
  • The Wix App Market has a ton of apps that you can add to your website. These function similarly to WordPress plugins to add new functionality to your website.

Although it has certain drawbacks, readers frequently inquire about how to move from Wix to WordPress, which is understandable given that astute business owners are aware of WordPress' superiority over Wix.


7. Shopify

Another hosted CMS platform that is all-in-one is Shopify. You won't have to install any software, purchase hosting, or take care of updates and backups.

The UI is simple to use—just drag and drop. It facilitates in-store sales, which is excellent if you run both an online and a physical store.

Shopify Payments, the company's integrated payment solution, allows you to accept debit and credit cards. One of Shopify's default payment processors is PayPal as well.

Shopify has a large selection of themes and extensions. You can add a variety of features to your online store by purchasing third-party Shopify apps.

Unlike BigCommerce, you don't have to upgrade if your sales exceed a specific threshold.

Shopify offers live chat, email, phone, and even Twitter support around the clock. Online forums and a wealth of documentation, including written how-to manuals and video tutorials, are also accessible.


8. Bitrix24

Looking for an advanced solution that boosts your business and manages every communication? Bitrix24 is the right pick for you. It is a business tool that offers CMS and multiple features like task and project management and communication between teams and customers.

Whether you own a small business or a larger enterprise, everything will be supported with Bitrix24.

The basic plan is free with free hosting. The drag-and-drop feature enables you to make mesmerizing landing pages and e-commerce stores. Make your website available at your convenience.


9. Blogger

If you are fond of writing, Blogger is the right CMS platform for you. Blogger enables you to host your entire content by targeting the right section.

Blogger allows you to customize your website at your convenience, and with Premium, you can do a lot. You can also use your name as a blog post domain.

Blogger is easy to get started and can add contact forms and ads to your blog page.  

10. Magento

Among the top eCommerce platforms available in the market is Magento. To optimize all kinds of eCommerce sites, the CMS software prioritizes security, SEO, and customization. Because it serves larger e-commerce sites, the platform has sufficient power to handle a large volume of orders and products. Some remarkable features are:

  • A safe payment gateway with Cybersource and WorldPay integrated
  • The touch sensitivity of the back-end admin dashboard makes editing simple.
  • Using inventory management, showcase products virtually with real-time product creation and dynamic pricing.

Ending Note

These are the best and leading CMS platforms of the era for website development. You can host your data and manage integrated communication between teams and customers. So, if you want to lock your website on the leading platform, choose from these diversified options.


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